Andrea’s Story

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Andrea’s Story

I have always been an athlete and active physically but after my 3rd child was born I just couldn’t seem to get my weight off. I ate healthy and was still active. I was always trying some sort of “diet” and nothing seemed to work. I had convinced myself that it was my age (30something) and that I had had 3 children. I was constantly fatigued and depressed. So in May 2011 it was either the Weight Watchers or the Fitness MD door I was walking into. I knew a couple of gals that had been Fitness MD members and they looked amazing! I thought it was genetics but was willing to give it a try anyway. I was desperate.

After attending the Fit Club classes I was hooked. This was my “home”. Then I sat down with my assigned trainer David and he asked me what my goals were and asked how committed I was. I told him I wanted to loose weight and get fit and that I was a 10 on the commitment scale. Of course he did not like my goal. What did that mean anyway? So I gave a weight I wanted to get to. He gave me my workout schedule and my calorie intake. I was given the choice of doing the food on my own or eating his meal plan. I chose my own because I was a healthy eater. And just to clarify I was a healthy eater I was just eating too much healthy.

Well all I can say is that I did what David told me to do and well in 5 months I had lost 25lbs., 10.9% body fat, 4.5 in. off my waist, 1.5 in. off my arms, 4 in. off my hips and 1.25 in. off my thigh. I am currently below my weight goal I had in mind when I walked into Fitness MD and am close to my high school weight. Not to mention that I am more fit than I can recall being in my life. I feel amazing and for the first time I can say I like my body! I have learned that by being fit and working out more I can actually eat more and have more hours in my day because I have more energy.

I love the fact that the Fit Club offers so many class times (no excuses), I don’t have to figure out my workout plan they do that for me, and that we work out in a group setting. I figure Fitness MD will have me as a life long member. Thank you to all the staff at Fitness MD!