Bob’s Story

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Bob’s Story

My story is like many others. I was 7 months from turning 40 and I was far enough out-of-shape that I was instructed by my physician to buy a blood pressure monitor and check it daily. My cholesterol was through the roof and as much as I thought (wanted to believe) I was healthy it was far from the truth. All this led me to make yet another decision to “get in to better shape”. I knew I needed to do something different if I wanted to see a life past that dreaded 40th birthday. I had already done all the fad diets for most of my life and some worked for the short term, but like most people, I gained the weight back and then some.

I decided to start working out and wanted to try something different then just going to a gym and getting consumed by the treadmills, lights, mirrors and vast machines that I knew I would just stare at. This is when I found Fitness MD and decided to give it a chance. That was over 3 years ago!

I am a huge advocate of the trainers and the program as there is nothing like it! You never get bored as they do a great job of changing the routines, working closely with you, and challenging you to do things you would never do on your own. The one thing you find out after you start attending is how everyone there is going for similar reasons. You become a support group for each other and the trainers are right there to help encourage you along the way to your objectives. If you want to stare at yourself in a mirror while you lift weights and drink at the juice bar, then it probably is not the right place. If you want to challenge yourself, see progress, and make some pretty good friends along the way, then it is the only place!

I tell everyone to give it a few weeks and you will be hooked for life. It happened to me and through their program I have lost over 42 lbs and 9 inches off my waist! Not to mention how well my golf game has improved.