Charlene’s Story

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Charlene’s Story

Here’s how it all started…I had JUST celebrated my 26th birthday party one weekend in the beginning of April. On the following Monday, April 7th, 2008 working at a vendor show with friend, Kelly Smith, chatting about how fat we felt, how fat we looked, etc.she got a phone call from her best friend’s sister about a work out class that was best described as “an hour long boot camp like workout class” that we were able to try out and see if we liked it. Both Kelly and I thought how perfect a time that call came and there was nothing to lose so we went and seriously, NEVER LOOKED BACK! Loved the workout and signed up that very same night!

I love the Fit Club workouts at Fitness MD because not only are they fun and enjoyable, they’re consistently challenging, and they change up daily and are full of variety. This means a full body workout without the guess work. I continue to workout at Fitness MD because their program is the ONLY PROGRAM that showed me the results I’ve always dreamed of. I never thought that it was possible to lose weight after many years of bad eating habits from the “Freshman 15″ and onward.

My favorite thing about Fitness MD is not only the amazing trainers they have there that keep the workouts simultaneously fun and challenging, but the supplemental information they provide every step of the way to assist your nutritional and dietary needs and to maximize your workout. My success stems from working with the trainers closely by asking questions, staying dedicated and giving my all at every workout because “you get what you put in” and keeping honest with the meal plans. Also, I could not have done it without the awesome and supportive workout friends I have made along the way!

Fitness MD helped me lose…

  •    53 lbs.
  •    15.4% body fat
  •    10 inches from my waist
  •    8 inches from my hips
  •    5 inches from my thigh

In 5 months, AND still going!!!