Debra’s Story

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Debra’s Story

I joined Fitness MD in May of 2012. I had been going to a different gym and was no longer seeing the results I was looking for. A few of my friends recommended I try Fitness MD….they were sure I would love it. They were right!! I started with the 10 day free pass but by day 3 I was sure I would join.

The Fit Club workouts are simply amazing. Between the excellent workout I was getting, meeting with my trainer Eric and setting some goals, and a new nutritional plan that was given to me…..I was on my way to success.

In less than 9 months I have lost over 19 pounds, lost over 10% body fat, become much, much stronger, and improved my run time by several minutes. I LOVE going to my workouts each day and look forward to seeing the results. The trainers are very helpful and always encourage me to be my best. I even recently accomplished one of my long time goals……my first half marathon!!

THANK YOU Fitness MD for helping me get in the BEST shape on my LIFE!!