Eric’s Story

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Eric’s Story

Ever have one of those days you wake up in the morning, take a good look in the mirror, and have a hard time recognizing who you’re looking at? After years of looking in the mirror, sucking in the gut, and telling myself “You still got it E” I finally had the moment. The moment in which I realized I was 28, obese, and in a rut I needed to dig myself out of ASAP!

I decided that morning to commit to a change and I took action. I met with Fitness MD owner/head trainer David Kawahata, and we created a set of goals and an action plan specifically designed to meet my needs. My personal goal, lose 60lbs in 90 days. Was the goal aggressive? Yes, but hey that’s my style. 90 days after the start of my program, I’m excited to say I’m now tipping the scales at 211, down from 273, and I’ve decreased my body fat __%.

I absolutely fell in love with the Fitness MD workouts. As a former Collegiate Athlete, the group workouts led by the Fitness MD trainers were a perfect match for me! These high intensity weight training workouts are great for anyone at any fitness level. I’ve bought gym memberships, worked with personal trainers, and tried dozens of different diets. I can confidently say nothing compares to the unique life changing experience I’ve had at Fitness MD. I can’t begin to express the appreciation I have for trainers David Kawahata, Jamie Hants, the Fitness MD staff, and my fellow FitClub members who have provided me encouragement, accountability, inspiration and motivation as I’ve worked towards completing my goals.

Was losing 60lbs in 90 days easy? Of course not. Are the rewards of being healthy again for the first time years’ worth all the hard work? Most definitely! With a disciplined workout schedule, the correct nutrition plan, and the positive/friendly environment that Fitness MD has created, anyone can see results similar to mine. Are you ready to improve your fitness? Commit to change, take action, and come down to see us at Fitness MD!