JT’s Story

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JT’s Story

I started at Fitness MD after a long hiatus from working out. I had been lean my entire life, but my 30’s were getting the best of me. I was overweight, tired, and completely out of shape. A trip to the doctor was a rude awakening. I was told that I had sleep apnea and the doctor suggested I “lose a few pounds” to see if it would help the symptoms. That and an upcoming family reunion brought me to Mike and David’s door.

What started out as only a month-long commitment for a quick fix has turned into a habit and major lifestyle change. Two years later and almost 40 lbs lighter, I’m stronger, faster, and leaner than I was in my 20’s! I never could have achieved those goals without the help of the team at Fitness MD. I am now racing competitively, something I haven’t done since high school…and I’m beating my own personal bests!!

I go to Fitness MD because the trainers have a vested interested in my success, both athletically and health-wise. I felt like a number at the major club chains, like they just wanted my monthly dues. They didn’t care about my goals, my progress, or my success. I would walk in, do my workout, and leave without so much as a hello from anyone. I can honestly say that I never met a soul working out at any of those gyms. Fitness MD is nothing like any gym you’ve ever experienced. My trainers have become my friends. I look forward to hanging out with them daily (as torturous at the workout might be!). They hold me accountable to the goals I have set for myself. They force me to strive to be my very best…whether that be my eating habits, my intensity during workouts, or my run times.

I have made lifelong friendships coming to Fitness MD. There is something to be said for sweating it out together and pushing yourself harder to achieve your goals. I have spent many hours in and out of the gym, pushing myself. I can honestly say that this is the most fun and the best results I have ever had working out. The trainers are amazing, the team bonding and accountability is awesome, and the dynamic of Fit Club’s group setting is unmatchable. You get all the benefits of a personal trainer with the comradery of a group. There is nothing else out there like it. It’s one of those things you have to experience for yourself. Your goals might not be the same as mine or anyone else’s, but you’ll become an addict nonetheless, just like the rest of us! It’s you against your best self. We’ll all be here, rooting you on.

Fitness MD helped me lose…

  • 39 lbs.
  • 12% body fat
  • 9 inches off my waist
  • 5+ minutes off my mile time

In 8 months, AND now running competitive races!!!