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At Fitness MD, we are devoted to going beyond expectations to ensure that our members are set up for fitness success. Fitness MD trainers work hard to motivate members, regardless of fitness level, encouraging them to reach their maximum performance from the day they walk through our doors. We stay with each member through every step of his or her journey, continuing to motivate as health and fitness goals are achieved and new goals are set. Our members receive one-on-one trainer attention in a group workout setting, allowing the possibility of seven days of unique workouts each week.

Our trainers are always available to members for customized training schedules for athletic events and the daily support needed to make life-altering changes! We encourage members to set both short and long term goals and then give them the tools they need to meet those goals by providing personalized training schedules and customized nutrition and weigh loss programs. Not only does Fitness MD provide a strong network of support unique in our industry, we also create a strong sense of accountability in our members by encouraging weekly weigh-ins for weight loss and offering recurring six-week progress assessments to track progress.

Fitness MD provides the life-long tools you need to overcome the obstacles that have kept you from your goals, allowing you to become your BEST SELF!