Pat’s Story

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Pat’s Story

In my 20’s and 30’s I was typically in pretty good shape even with an on-again-off-again fitness routine. But in my late 30’s and early 40’s the roller coaster routine of gym memberships, video workouts, and home gym routine wasn’t working. I had started to put on some unwanted weight and my energy level and motivation started to fade. It was becoming obvious that I needed to do something different.

In Jan 2012 I started to diet and it was going pretty good. I was still doing my own workout program (on-again-off-again) but I really focused on the diet. I had dropped some weight over a 3 month period, but the weight started to creep back up again and my workouts didn’t exist. I struggled for the next couple of months to keep the weight off, but it wasn’t working.

My wife joined Fitness MD in May of 2012 and loved it, she was telling me about Fit Club and the awesome coaching style. I was very interested and it sounded like something I needed. I had often told my wife that I wish there was a workout program that was set up like a conditioning practice with coaches. One thing most everyone can relate to is playing some sort of sport growing up. All sports have a coach to coordinate and give direction to meet specific goals. Why should personal fitness be any different? The Fit Club group training at Fitness MD is exactly that: coaches/ trainers that give direction, train and motivate everyone to reach their goals. I joined in June of 2012 and after the first week I knew that this was going to be a great thing!

David put together a workout and diet program that helped me obtain some great results. I go to Fit Club 6 days a week and I have lost a total of 36 lbs, over 13% body fat, several inches off of my waist and my energy level and strength are improving at each assessment. I remember the first assessment I could only do roughly 3 pull ups but after 6 months, that had climbed up to 18. I truly appreciate the staff and the great motivation they provide; I could never thank them enough. A bonus to the great workouts is the neat people I’ve met and the great friends I’ve made.