Ron’s Story

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Ron’s Story

A couple of my friends told me about Fitness MD after I had been going to another gym with minimal results & zero direction. They kept talking about how great this boot camp style training was, known as Fit Club, and the great results they were getting. After much thought, I decided to take advantage of the free trial pass and attended one of their classes. I was hooked from that point forward. I didn’t even need to finish out the trial to know that I wanted to join this gym!

I have been coming to Fitness MD since late 2008 and have enjoyed the trainers, exercising with the other members, and great friends have made – not to mention the healthier lifestyle I’ve adopted. When I first started Fit Club, my fitness level was very poor. I couldn’t even do the infamous “large lap”. I knew I had to push myself everyday. The other members around me were very motivating and encouraging. I made a decision to do the assessments to determine where my level of fitness was. I wasn’t surprised at the results, which were not good, but I knew this gym could only make me better. By attending the classes 3-4 times a week, I have gained more strength and increased endurance.

In January of 2010, my trainer, Jaime came to me and said he wanted to help me meet my goals with smaller weight loss targets. We sat down and created the first goal of 200 lbs, a 25 lb loss. He created an eating plan for me and determined how often I would need to exercise. I committed to checking my weight on a weekly basis. Week by week, I kept losing weight I stayed committed to exercising and stuck to my eating plan, which is actually realistic. As they say, mind over matter. Four months later, I was able to reach my goal of 200lbs. With the help of the trainers who keep motivated, I have surpassed my recent goal and am on track to fall below 190lbs! I couldn’t have done this without the assistance of the trainers and the motivation they give each and every day. At my highest weight, I was at 244 lbs and was wearing a size 40 pants. I’m now down to 194lbs and wearing a size 34 pants. Not only is my health better but I am sleeping better and have more energy.

All in all, I’d say it has been a team effort and I have never be more thankful. Joining Fitness MD was one of the best decisions I have made. Not only have I reached my first goal, I have committed to continue moving forward!


Weight: 244 / 195
Body Fat: 26.5% / 14.5%
Waist: 40 / 34